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Whether you are new to the Implant Coordinator role or have years of experience, membership in the Dental Implant Coordinator Association offers you opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas with peers from across the country, as well as education programs to help you grow personally and professionally.


Membership Benefits

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A robust online community, serving as a platform for networking, sharing information and ideas, and providing education throughout the year with mastermind webinars.

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A bi-monthly blog disseminating information to benefit Dental Implant Coordinators and their practices with suggestions to increase implant case acceptance, referrals, efficiency, productivity and revenue, as well as creative marketing ideas.

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An annual conference, which is focused on education and training specific to the surgical Implant Coordinator role, with breakout sessions based on individual areas of interest, as well as numerous opportunities for networking and brainstorming (preferred member fee).

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Practice presence on the patient education website, The Dental Implant Guide, with a special one-on-one training session on implant consultations, and how to improve case acceptance (preferred member fee reduction).

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A training program on the role of the Implant Coordinator for those who are new to the position, as well as those who want to expand their role and their value to their practices (preferred member fee).

Annual Membership Includes: 


  • Quarterly mastermind webinars

  • Online networking community

  • Bi-monthly blog for members

  • Reduced fee for annual conference

  • Reduced fee for IC training program

  • Reduced fee for the practice profile on The Dental Implant Guide


Membership Fee:  $200

This downloadable letter can help your surgeon and practice manager understand how your membership benefits the practice

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To review the website please visit The Dental Implant Guide 

Learn more about this exclusive bonus for members download the PDF here.  


For more information, or to speak to your new member concierge, please let us know the best way to get in touch with you by submitting our contact form.