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The Dental Implant Coordinator Association was created to empower its members to excel in the critical role they play in surgical practices as patient advocates and practice ambassadors.

As an Implant Coordinator, your role is truly unique.  You help patients improve the quality of patients’ lives, strengthen referral relationships, and contribute to the success of your practice. 


As an organization built exclusively for surgical Implant Coordinators, we provide the education, support, and resources for you to achieve your professional goals – and enjoy the process.


We invite you to join your professional association…


  • Network with a dynamic community of like-minded peers

  • Discover your full potential in this rewarding position

  • Learn from recognized leaders in the dental implant field

  • Advance your career with new insights and knowledge

To provide patients with a seamless, personalized treatment experience by serving as their concierge, advocate, and liaison between the surgical and restorative offices

To provide the referring offices with a point of contact for information regarding their patients’ treatment

To provide patient education; prior to, during, and following consultations, thereby saving the surgeons hours of time each day and allowing them to be as productive as possible

The role of the surgical Implant Coordinator has become invaluable for surgical practices.  And yet, as the role has evolved, there have become as many descriptions of the Implant Coordinator role, as there are practices with this position on their team.


Training and education programs have been relatively scarce, taking differing approaches to the role, and not widely publicized.  The Dental Implant Coordinator Association is the only organization that provides a forum for establishing best practices, defining the surgical Implant Coordinator role, and conferring the recognition the position deserves throughout the profession.

The Implant Coordinator role was created in 1989 with the following objectives:

What Members Are Saying…


Libby Lopez



“I am the Implant Coordinator Lead for PNWOMS.  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Dental Implant Coordinator Association, as my main goal is to empower my team to educate our patients and give them the best patient experience possible.  It is my honor to work and learn with the absolute best of the best in the implant industry and I believe the DICA will allow me to do this. I cannot wait to see what the future holds!”

Trish Bohuslavicky



“I go to the annual AAOMS meeting and continuing education courses to keep up with the latest advanced in implant surgery, but they never offer any classes for the Implant Coordinator role. To have a community to network with is so powerful.  It’s uplifting to see so many of us with the same common goal of providing quality care and meeting the individual needs of each patient.  I have always benefitted from the workshops, which are focused on what Implant Coordinators deal with on a daily basis, and facilitated by experts in our field who really understand this role.” 

Women networking at a Dental Implant Coordinator Association's boot camp.

Networking and Enjoying Santa Barbara 2019 Implant Coordinator Boot Camp

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