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Supporting Your Role as Ambassador for the Team Approach

One of the most important aspects of your role as Implant Coordinator is serving as the ambassador for the team approach. You have the ability to educate patients about the benefits of the team approach, and you are in the perfect position to engage the referring dentists and their staff in promoting the benefits of the team concept when they are presenting dental implants to their patients.

Referring dentists should be proactively addressing why it is better to involve an experienced surgical specialist as part of the team to provide the patients with optimal aesthetic and functional results. They are able to offer their patients better treatment outcomes by working with an experienced surgeon.

From a business perspective, they should want to make a distinction between what they offer and what a “super” dentist provides, especially since so many general dentists advertise their questionable expertise with implant placement.

The Dental Implant Guide Is one of Your Most Powerful Marketing Resources

The Dental Implant Guide website supports general dentists who have a team approach philosophy. It supports their recommendation for dental implants as the treatment of choice, to refer to a surgical specialist and to use quality implant components.

If they use the site on a regular basis for patient education and to support their treatment recommendations, they are more likely to increase their case acceptance rate and referrals to your practice. They are also more likely to continue practicing in a team setting, as opposed to placing and restoring their own implants.

Referral Marketing

  • Deliver the brochures and counter stands to referring offices and encourage them to use them for all potential implant patients.

  • Suggest that they use the brochures to direct patients to The Dental Implant Guide prior to their surgical consultation.

  • Organize lunch and learn meetings for referring offices presenting how to utilize The Dental Implant Guide as a patient education resource.

  • Encourage the referring dentists to utilize the content regarding marketing myths to answer difficult questions from patients about implant “super” centers, dental tourism, bargain implants, and megadontists.

  • Talk to the hygienists in referring offices about The Dental Implant Guide and make sure they have the brochures to direct patients to the site.

  • Develop a customized flyer for each of the top referring offices about The Dental Implant Guide that they can include with their patient marketing materials.

Patient Marketing

  • Refer all new implant patients to the site prior to their initial consultations.

  • Refer new implant patients to the site after their consultation for more information – and to share information their spouses or significant others.

  • Display The Dental Implant Guide counter stand where all patients can see it,, preferably at the front desk or in the reception area.

  • Display The Dental Implant Guide brochures at the front desk and in all consultation rooms.

  • Utilize the downloadable articles to address specific questions patients might have about marketing myths.

  • Set up email templates for sending information to new patients and include links to specific pages on The Dental Implant Guide and your practice website based on the patients’ treatment needs or their concerns.

Internet Marketing

  • Add links to The Dental Implant Guide to your practice website on the pages where implants are described, or the benefits are listed, as well as where you site had additional resources for patients. Two of the best links for this are:

Why Dental Implants?

Resource Library

  • Use information from The Dental Implant Guide to create content for the blog on your practice website.

  • Post information from The Dental Implant Guide to your social media platforms.

  • Create a Resource Library on your practice website and include links to The Dental Implant Guide.

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